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Your personal on-demand Laundry & Dry Cleaning service all from our app. So you can do laundry without actually doing laundry.

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We're a group of individuals that would rather be doing anything other than laundry. Why? Other than the fact it's annoyingly time consuming - ask anyone who's shrunken their favorite sweater down to teddy bear size; it's painfully stressful.

Quicki was created so there could be an alternative to your boring regular laundry and dry cleaning experience. Which, often enough, has confusing pricing structure, not so friendly customer service, and an unclear process. The alternative is when pick up and delivery happens around your busy schedule with the click of a button. Where people are also knowledgeable and friendly with the way your clothing is cared for.

We also believe in doing our part to help sustain and improve the environment. That's why we partner with top eco-friendly cleaners in order to make your whites whiter and the planet greener.

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