COVID-19 Update: How we plan to keep you and your clothes safe

More than just clean laundry

Your clothing deserves the best - that's why we only work with the best to ensure your laundry is cared for to the highest standard possible.

We build Quicki to reflect out values of delightful service, simple design, and an obsession with quality. They drive everything we do.

All articles are collected by our Quicksters, placed in cool bags, and scanned with our QR code technology. Then, off to our fancy facility.
All articles are then sorted, weighed, and invoiced by professional associates. All special instructions are then added for our cleaning partners.
All articles are then picked up, cleaned, and returned to our facility by our eco-friendly vendor partners.
Our Quicksters will deliver your bags back at the scheduled time chosen by yourself.

Our care facility is dedicated to taking care of your laundry and dry cleanings journey, every step of the way. Here's how...

Our processing software tracks your clothing every step of the way in order to minimize the chance of lost articles.

Our vendor's software allows them to see each customers' cleaning preferences, in order to give you the best clean, tailored to you.

Our propitiatory logistics software ensure we don't overflow any one vendor and that our Quicksters get the order to you at your dedicated time.

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